About Virtual Aesthetics

A beauty program like no other beauty program out there.

Natural, safe, easy solutions to aging which will provide you with:

  • Smoother, younger, healthier skin

  • Improved skin health

  • Enhance the effectiveness of the  skincare you  already use

  •  Boost your immune system

  •  Feeling more energised

  • Reduce the stress in your life

  • Increase confidence

This complete package of non-surgical solutions is designed to control the signs of ageing and to rejuvenate and refresh the skin. Re-set the way your brain is wired to enable you to live longer.

What does the program consist of ?

1. Mind Power

Hypnosis and meditation, which is the most natural self-healing gift known to humanity.

2. Education

Teaching safe, natural, fun easy ways to look and feel fabulous

3. Prescriptions for self-development

Easy to follow prescriptions for consistency and to create healthy new habits.

Why is 
Virtual Aesthetics different ?

1. Successful. It works!

A pilot scheme of the virtual aesthetics program was tested in nApril/May 2022, 100% of the participants reported positive changes. The study was hosted over a 4 week period of weekly 1 hour sessions via zoom. 

The research and evidence of proven studies have been used
within mind to create this unique, authentic program, along with
experienced knowledge and tested techniques.
It provides a huge missing link with beauty and mental health
and well-being.

2. Years of experience and knowledge!

This program was created by a practising Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP and Tapping practitioner, who has 31 years’ experience within the NHS working with health and beauty.


3. Save you a fortune!

Free, safe, natural, easy solutions to aging, reducing the products you already use whilst enhancing the effectiveness of them.

 4. What you see is what you get!

No nonsense sales, marketing, greenwashing, no products to sell, providing you with real proven methods to achieve beautiful skin and feel good about you.


5. Prevention in a safe, natural, easy way!!

Safe, natural easy ways to reset the way your brain is wired to live happier, healthier and longer.


6.  It’s more than beauty!

The program will also boost your immune system and energy, reduce stress and increase confidence.

I love what I do, some might say a bit too much and I bring enthusiasm and commitment to every person I work with. 


About Hypnosis

There are many tools and techniques used within the Virtual Aesthetics, one is the use of Hypnosis. Using the power of the subconscious mind, which is such a powerful gift.

During hypnosis, which is safe and natural, you will be guided through various methods of powerful suggestions, healing, releasing tension and stress, self-talk, really using the mind and body connection for circulation to the facial muscles, nerves, and skin. Firing and wiring together those neural connections to create a natural healing process.

Hypnosis can soften and smooth the skin and give you a youthful, healthy glow. We have the power to upgrade our skin’s DNA and slow down aging. In a nice relaxed hypnotic state of being our cortisol levels are lowered by about 50% this allows collagen to do its job and renew.

"The mother of all antioxidants’ is when we are in that beautiful hypnotic state of harmony and we are flowing with positivity, happiness and using our inner ability to restore our aging skin, slowing down the appearance of wrinkles."

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural, heightened state of awareness and our subconscious mind is more open and receptive to suggestions. We have all been hypnotised hundred times before, we drift in and out of levels of awareness many times a day. Watching TV, driving, reading a book. All this is hypnosis.

How does it feel to be hypnotised?

Everyone is unique and people experience things very differently. Some people feel heavy or light, others feel as if they’re floating. Most people will agree that it’s a lovely, relaxed feeling and they have never felt as relaxed as they felt during the experience.

When I am ‘under’ will I be asleep?

You will be aware of everything that is happening; however you will be so deeply relaxed that you may find yourself drifting into different levels of awareness. Your subconscious mind is active all the time and this is what you will be working with.

Will I remember everything afterwards?

Most people remember either all or certain parts of the experience. At times afterwards you might notice suggestions that were given to you will resurface in your conscious, thinking mind after the session and these will be the thoughts that produce the change in your way of thinking, feeling or your behaviour.

Are there any side effects from hypnosis?

The only side effects are the benefits of feeling more relaxed and more positive.